Whether you have a large volume of assets that move – or assets that frequently move each year – leasing companies need to standardize asset addresses and report those assets to the correct jurisdictions. Tax estimates might also be needed at the time a lease terminates. Taxography’s reliable data and robust tools can give Property Tax Departments the added advantage, helping you deliver higher quality tax processing and tax planning.


Oil & Gas

Location information is critical when it comes to pipeline exploration and expansion and managing assets in the field. Oil and gas companies with various property types that do business in multiple states can be overwhelmed finding the time to collect tax rates for proper estimates. Companies with linear assets may need to distribute values such as meters, pipelines and transmission lines for both property tax reporting and billing, and almost all states assess penalties and interest for late tax bill payments. Taxography has you covered with the most comprehensive database of tax districts and certified tax rates available on the market today.


Real Estate

Whether you lease or own assets, real estate professionals are faced with an avalanche of ad valorem taxation data that just keeps growing and changing. We know that you face challenges to your annual tax management program that include having accurate assessor and collector contact details, critical tax deadlines such as return, appeal, tax bill and discount due dates, identifying the correct jurisdictions for assets, and resolving data discrepancies at crunch time for filing and payment. Taxography’s comprehensive data quality assurance program means outstanding data integrity in up-to-date assessor and collector information, valuation data that includes rates, assessment ratios, assessed values, critical due dates and more.


Software Developers

If you are a software company specializing in or targeting taxation services, Taxography is the partner for you. Detailed information about individual taxing jurisdictions, taxing units, and tax rates for real and personal property is available as a database to embed in your system/software or via Taxography’s service offerings. Taxography’s proven methodology and processes for collecting and organizing data is what tax professionals need in order to simplify their tax processes and achieve greater efficiency.


Tax Consulting

As a trusted advisor, you need to meet the emerging needs of your clients’ markets with a simple solution to managing their annual tax programs. For consulting firms with client representation nationwide, it can be difficult to have the time to collect the tax rates for preparing best-case estimates. Tax rates vary by taxing districts and, with over 150,000 jurisdictions in the United States, keeping up-to-speed with various changes is overwhelming. Taxography uses a proven methodology for collecting, verifying and organizing data annually which means tax consulting firms have the right data they need for filing, appeals and property tax billing. By having the most up-to-date property tax data on hand, tax consultants will never have to manually verify data again.



Telecommunications firms with a large number of both situs and linear assets nationwide can be overwhelmed finding the time to collect tax rates needed for property tax billing and reporting. As telecom companies look to acquire new customers, the need for more data insight is critical. Taxography has you covered with the most comprehensive database of tax districts and certified tax rates available on the market today.



Site or asset addresses for utility customers are commonly being added by various departments and many end users. Because these systems have no data controls, the addresses entered may not be accurate, or the addresses may be entered several ways. Utilities turn to Taxography for the most up-to-date tax jurisdiction information and tax rates available. Plus, Taxography’s assessor and collector data includes time stamps so you know when the information was last updated and verified.