Data Services & Solutions

Tax managers nationwide turn to Taxography to make significant improvements in their workflow at the point of asset acquisition or at the tail-end for tax compliance reporting. Any tax department will find Taxography’s data services and software solutions to be efficient, effective and enduring when dealing with assets scattered across numerous jurisdictions and tax districts.

Tax Contact Data
Having up-to-date contact information for tax assessors and collectors is critical for property tax compliance.
Use Taxography’s TaxCEL® to standardize and resolve addresses, and append property tax jurisdiction names, codes and tax rates –
all within Excel!
Tax Districts & Rates
Detailed information about individual tax jurisdictions, tax units and tax rates for real and personal property is available as a database to embed in your system/software or via Taxography’s service offerings.
Web Service
An easy and affordable way to embed address standardization, jurisdiction determination, and tax rates into your asset management and tax compliance business systems.
GIS Mapping
Taxography’s GIS mapping tools are used frequently by companies who need to overlay tax boundaries and relate situs or linear assets in a GIS-deliverable format.
Batch Service
PTMS users can improve data quality, reduce misfiled tax returns and save time and money using Taxography’s Batch Service.