Tax Districts & Tax Rates

You can rely on Taxography for the most current and accurate property tax districts and rates available.

Taxography delivers the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of tax districts and certified tax rates for real and business personal property. Estimate taxes when on-boarding new assets, reconcile tax bills and more. With Taxography’s Tax Districts and Tax Rates, you can greatly reduce errors and overall tax compliance costs, and potentially tax liability costs through better planning decisions.

Keeping up with changes to property tax jurisdictions is overwhelming.

There are over 150,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States. New jurisdictions are added, old jurisdictions are retired, and existing jurisdiction names, codes and boundaries are constantly changing.

Property tax rates vary widely.  Within a single county, the highest rate can be over 10 times the lowest rate.  Rates, like jurisdictions, can change each year.

Taxography’s database of Tax Districts and Tax Rates is for corporate tax departments, leasing companies, site suitability modeling companies, tax consulting firms, tax software companies and anyone who depends on having the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date property tax data.

Features & Benefits

You can count on Taxography’s proven methodology and processes for collecting and organizing data. Double-entry process ensures the highest quality property tax data available on the market.

The most up-to-date tax jurisdiction information and tax rates available. Tax rates and jurisdiction information from rate sheets are collected and entered within 60 days of rate sheets being certified.

County-defined codes for tax units (TCAs, TRAs, etc.) and individual tax jurisdictions used by counties to assess property taxes.

Individual tax jurisdictions including counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, and special tax districts such as fire, EMS and utility districts.

Organized as a relational database that can be paired with Taxography’s Tax Contact Data to relate to information about assessors and collectors.

Flexible, subscription-based licensing.

Industry standard. Used by more property tax departments, tax consultants and tax software companies.

GIS Maps

Imagine how much time you would save if your GIS department had up-to-date tax jurisdiction boundaries.

Use Taxography’s exclusive GIS Maps to easily and accurately allocate linear and situs assets to jurisdictions. Taxography's innovative mapping technology provides you with tax boundaries as seen through the microscope of each individual parcel’s assigned jurisdictions.