About Taxography

Company History

Taxography is a direct descendent of Stopwatch Maps formed in 1986. Our mission is to provide the most accurate and secure property tax database in order for businesses to improve workflows, increase data integrity, decrease total tax liability and enhance overall planning capabilities.

We are the industry standard for property tax data services. Our data is frequently used by companies that have a large number of geographically disbursed assets, or assets that move frequently year-over-year, or assets that do not tie to a physical address (situs).

Taxography delivers critical property tax data – including GIS boundaries and assessor, collector, jurisdictions and tax rates data – via several state-of-the-art SaaS products:.

  • TaxCEL® (Microsoft Office Excel Add-In Integration)
  • Batch Service
  • Web Service
  • Web Forms


Joe Bolian is founder and President of Taxography. He established Taxography to serve property tax professionals, with solutions to accurately relate company assets to tax jurisdictions, and to make compliance less taxing. He and his team have developed a set of processes to build and maintain the latest property tax jurisdiction boundaries, names, rates and assessor/collector contact information. The team also maintains various software services for standardizing asset addresses and relating addresses to tax jurisdictions. In the past, Bolian developed spatial processes for telephone companies, including costing models for arguing replacement cost new valuations.