Leverage the power of Taxography's tax jurisdiction data and services with TaxCEL®.

TaxCEL® combines the familiarity and ease of Excel with Taxography's industry leading property tax data and services. With TaxCEL®, you can easily clean addresses and relate assets to the correct tax jurisdictions for reporting, all directly within Excel. Leasing companies, utilities, telecoms and tax consulting firms can streamline property tax reporting with this valuable tool. Available exclusively from Taxography, TaxCEL® helps you reengineer business work flows for profit and efficiency.

The Business Challenges:

Asset management systems are often plagued with incomplete and poor quality addresses, presenting a multitude of challenges for the tax department responsible for reporting those assets to the correct jurisdiction.

Manually looking up addresses for even just a single county can take weeks to resolve, hurting your organization's productivity and bottom line.

Companies with a large asset portfolio are often under-the-gun and need a fast, easy-to-use solution to help them standardize and resolve addresses.

Getting the IT department involved to implement a solution can be difficult for small and large companies alike.

TaxCEL® Features:

Easy-to-use interface with Microsoft Excel means no IT knowledge is required.

Automatic address standardization quickly processes large amounts of data.

Processes up to 2,000 asset addresses per minute.

Interactively resolve addresses through an intuitive dialogue. Link to Google Maps, Bing Maps, and MapQuest® with the click of a button.

Uses sophisticated processes to determine tax jurisdictions where an asset is located.

Delivers comprehensive property tax data including jurisdiction codes, names and tax rates.

For PTMS users, returns PTMS jurisdiction information for importing into new PTMS software.

Use TaxCEL® to standardize asset addresses, plus append tax jurisdictions, names, codes, rates and more from within Microsoft Excel.