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Welcome to Taxography!

Make accurate Personal Property Tax jurisdiction
assignments with confidence!

Taxography is the most accurate and easy to use tax
jurisdiction assignment and address standardization web service.

Taxography uses county supplied parcel-level data, geographic
boundaries, and assessor verified address-level jurisdiction
assignments to provide you with the most current and
authoritative jurisdiction assignments possible.

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Introducing Taxography
Address Standardization

Address standardization plays an
important role in assigning
jurisdictions to a site. Taxography
can standardize your addresses...
even physical locations that don't
receive mail and are not recognized
by the US Postal Service.

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Try Taxography for Free

Taxography offers two trial services to
help you evaluate the value Taxography
can bring to you and your company.
Send us a batch of your addresses.
Taxography will standardize them,
assign jurisdictions where possible, and
send you the results to help you
see what the Taxography service can
do for you!

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