Make Precise Property Tax Jurisdiction Assignments.

If you are looking for more effective ways to relate your situs or linear property assets to their correct tax jurisdictions and tax rates – and create a more efficient workflow – Taxography’s complete real & business personal property tax jurisdiction data and software services gives you the solution you are seeking.

Map Property Tax Jurisdictions and Rates.

If you are looking for a more effective way to maintain current GIS maps of tax jurisdictions and tax rates – and save time so you can focus on spatial analysis – Taxography's nationwide property tax jursidiction maps and rate data gives you the solution you are seeking.

Enhance your software and business processes with accurate property tax jurisdiction information using Taxography’s service offerings.
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GIS Maps
For companies that need tax jurisdiction boundaries, such as utilities, energy and telecom, that allocate linear and situs assets for property tax returns. Choose Taxography’s GIS Maps for your tax compliance and planning needs.
Jurisdiction Assignment
Taxography’s property tax data and services use proven methodologies for accurately relating property to the correct assessor, collector, tax jurisdictions and rates.
Address Standardization
Address standardization plays an important role in increasing the accuracy of tax jurisdiction assignments. Taxography can standardize your asset addresses, even when they are not recognized by the US Postal Service and don't receive mail.

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